Meet the Families

Sanfilippo is felt by the family, not just the child.

"Although it's a terrible disease, Sanfilippo has made our family stronger and more understanding of others."

Jeremy and Christina Talbert, parents of Parker

Every Sanfilippo family has a story.

Each of the children pictured below is living with a Sanfilippo diagnosis. Which means… so are each of their families. And they each have their own story to share.

These children and their families have joined the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. Why? Because there is power in unity. They raise funds. They advocate. They support each other. And they all work together to reach the same goal: Curing their children of Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Meet the Kids and Their Families.

The following children and their familes have shared their stories. They share what it felt like the day they learned their child was diagnosed with Sanfilippo. What it feels like to live with it every day since. What it feels like to think about what tomorrow might bring. Please take a moment to read their stories, and then consider helping us help them.

The following children and their families will be sharing their stories here soon, but in the meantime, you can follow their Sanfilippo journies on their Facebook pages.

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